Slot Overview: War of the Gods

Different developers choose to channel the might of Zeus or Hades into their games. Few games are as bold as Red Tiger’s War of Gods in pitting two gods against each other. Games like “2 Gods: Zeus vs. Thor” and “Artemis vs. Medusa” came close, but ultimately failed. The three bonus rounds, in which symbols may be enhanced and reels or rows can be increased, add to the great traditional artwork.

First, I’d like to tell you a tale set in the land of Ancient Greece. Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon (who were brothers) supposedly drew lots to choose which parts of the earth they would control when they overthrew the titans. Hades received the short end of the stick by being assigned responsibility for the underworld, while Poseidon was given the sea and Zeus the skies. Perhaps this is what triggered his aggressive disposition. Since Red Tiger’s game doesn’t spell out his motivations, we can only guess. Perhaps it’s a sibling thing. Maybe it’s because Hades kidnapped Zeus’ daughter Persephone and made her his consort. Zeus’s conflict with Hades is a potent one, to be sure, and it provides a wealth of useful ideas.

Red Tiger deserves a lot of praise for successfully adapting the sibling rivalry storyline for the small screen. The action of War of the Gods takes place on a 5-reel grid (expandable during certain sections) in the depths of Hades’ burning underworld, complete with crumbling columns, Sisyphus carrying a rock on his back, and a plethora of lightning bolts that announce Zeus’ impending arrival. The music is appropriately huge, and the whole thing gives off a great first impression.

It’s too bad the rest of the game can’t match the high points of the beginning. We felt a twinge of sadness when we saw that the game’s default RTP was just 95.66 percent. We won’t spoil the outcome, but the calculated maximum potential is just as disheartening. Expect significant volatility and a hit frequency of roughly 20%-30%, with wagers ranging from 10 p/c to £/€20 every spin.

There are 30 paylines available to players if the grid size is set to the default of 5×4. There is also a stockpile of symbols at your disposal, with about half being unique icons utilized in bonus rounds and the remaining eight representing the game’s standard payouts. Clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades make up the low end of this set, while parchment, horn cups, shields, and helms make up the upper end. Winning with five of a kind on the default size results in the highest payout of 4–10 times the bet. Given the variety of icons used to award prizes, the absence of a wild in War of Gods may come as a surprise.

Slot Features in the War of the Gods

There are no wilds or free spins, but there are three different bonus games to try and win. Despite the increased chances of winning, games with titles like “Wrath of Zeus,” “Hades Hellfire,” and “Warring Gods” are not likely to elicit many belly chuckles.

The Wrath of Zeus bonus round is activated when two Zeus symbols appear on reels one and five. Only winning Zeus icons occur in this game. When these 1×1 symbols appear, they become permanent sticky and may expand to cover an entire reel. The greatest payout for hitting a line of five Zeus symbols is 20 times the wager, and an additional special upgrade symbol can appear, raising the value of Zeus symbols by up to three times. As long as fresh icons keep landing on the reels, Wrath of Zeus will keep going.

When two Hades symbols appear, the Hades Hellfire bonus round begins, and players will see nothing but Hades symbols that pay out big. Like before, Hades symbols are frozen in place upon impact and can morph into 1×4 paying tiles. In this one, the grid may grow to 7×6 with the help of a unique extend symbol, bringing the total number of paylines to 60. Seven of a type of Hades Super symbols pay out 50 times the initial wager if they fill a whole reel. When no more Hades Hellfire emblems can be added, the game is over.

When Zeus and Hades touch down in the main game, you’ll unlock Warring Gods, the third and final bonus game. Again, when these particular Zeus/Hades symbols hit, they lock in place and may even grow in size. The regulations are mostly same as previously, with the exception that both the upgrade and expand symbols can now be used. If you get seven Hades or Zeus symbols in a row, you win 100 times your wager.

Gods vs. Slots: The Final Say

The initial excitement generated by War of Gods isn’t fully realized. Wrath of Gods is only the latest example of Red Tiger’s consistently high visual standards. It’s a game that doesn’t mess about, and it uses its topic effectively to create a weighty setting that does justice to the two giants it depicts. The graphics have an almost biblical feel, and the orchestral score ups the tension considerably.

The gameplay is also fairly decent, however it can take some time to trigger the fun bits, as is the case with many Red Tiger slots. Although games with hold and win elements are popular, it’s unusual to see three of them in a row, much alone so many permutations. The fact that you may worship one deity over the other, or both at the same time, is reminiscent of Red Tiger’s Clash of the Beasts. Similar to Clash of the Beasts, reaching the game’s full potential is more likely to happen when the siblings square off against one another. On such a game, even the highest possible return is just 2,518 times the initial wager. The monetary award may have been converted from drachmas.

Overall, the presentation of War of Gods is top-notch, and the features are excellent, adding a great deal of depth beyond the standard “hold and win” mechanic. It’s a shame that War of Gods can only muster so-so numbers and returns in the end.